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The PEI Trucking Sector Council (PEITSC) conducts regular employment assessments for new truck drivers wishing to enter the industry.  As part of this process, PEITSC assesses an individual’s likelihood to find employment in the industry based on their basic essential skills levels, driving record, criminal history and medical fitness.  If any employment barriers are identified, PEITSC staff will provide the information to the individual as well as some potential solutions to overcome these barriers.  This program is mandatory for those accessing SkillsPEI funding.  For more information, or to register for an assessment, please follow the link below.


The PEI Trucking Sector Council manages PEI’s Trucking Group Benefits program. All PEI trucking employers with more than two employees are eligible to join the plan. Our rates are competitive and our packages are tailored to the PEI trucking industry. What are you waiting for? Join today!
Take a look below to see what types of coverage our plan has to offer.  This policy has been tailered to meet the needs of our PEI trucking industry.
To be eligible to be a member of our PEI Trucking Health Benefits Program, you must be a trucking or trucking related company based on Prince Edward Island.  Each company must have at least two people on a plan.  Your company must have proof that it is a legitimate business (i.e. tax number).  That's it!  The plan requires no medicals prior to signing on.  It is an outstanding plan at an excellent rate! What are you waiting for?


The One Journey initiative was developed in Nova Scotia in 1999 to address labour shortages in several sectors.  The program is designed to provide participants with training or skills development that will allow them to be hired by an employer in an occupation identified with a labour shortage.  In fact, the program requires that an individual is offered employment before they begin their training.   This is a cross sector initiative that has seen some great success in the trucking sector in NS.  As a result, the PEI Trucking Sector Council has worked with both our partners in NS and our Government in Prince Edward Island to help bring the program here.

PEI Model

The initiative is open to all unemployed and under-employed Islanders that would like to start a career in the trucking industry.  Candidates will be selected and screened based on employment eligibility requirements of our participating employers.  Our final participants will all be pre-hired by an employer before they begin their training.  Once this step is complete, they will be sent off to training, where their tuition costs will be covered. Participants will also be paid a weekly living allowance as well as offered funds for required safety equipment.  Once participants complete their training they will enter into a full-time position where we will continue to monitor their progress.  

This initiative is funded by the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning thorugh the Canada-PEI Labour Market Agreements

The Process

Interested individuals will be asked to complete an online application form (coming soon).  Candidates will be pre-screened from this group of applicants and prospective candidates will be asked to come in for an interview.  Candidates will be interviewed by both employers and sector council staff.  Ultimately, all candidates will be selected for the number of seats available.

After all candidates are chosen, this group will begin training where they will monitored and mentored.   Participants will attend training in the Charlottetown area for eight weeks at which time they will move on with their prospective employer to complete a four week internship.  After the internship, participants will then begin their new career as a professional driver.

The program is designed to help break down some of the barriers that may prevent someone from pursuing training.  The biggest barrier for most is a financial one. We will therefore be covering the cost of the training, as well as provide a weekly stipend to offset some of the financial burden.  Another common barrier to entering the industry is most new entrants do not have a connection to the industry which leaves them struggling with what companies they should approach for employment.  We hope to alleviate this by bringing the employers to the table in the selection process.  PEITSC and its partners will ensure participants and companies are paired in a manner that complement one another. 

What do we fund?

As part of the One Journey initiative, the PEITSC will provide financial assistance for:

  • 12 Week driver training program at JVI
  • Weekly paid living allowance (12 weeks) 
  • $300 toward the purchase of required safety gear

What is not covered through funding?

During the initial screening process for this project, applicants will be required to submit industry documents as to determine employment eligibility.  This will include, driver’s abstract, driver’s medical certificate and criminal background check.  The cost of these documents are the responsibility of the applicant.  For those that get through the initial screening, an essential skills assessment will also be required at an additional cost.

Program Requirements

Participants must be looking to enter the industry as full time truck drivers.  This program is not for those seeking part time work or to supplement another income. Many of the positions will be US long haul (there will be exceptions to this), so ideally candidates would be interested in a long-haul truck driving career. Participants will submit and be assessed on documents as they pertain to employment (Driving Abstract, Criminal Record Check and Driver’s Medical).  Candidates with issues related to these documents may be screened out.  Participants must put in the effort required of the training.  This includes perfect attendance during training.

Most importantly, we want people with drive! We hope that our participants really want this opportunity and want to make the best of it.  If this sounds like you, we want you to apply!


Our initial intake was Septmber 2019, with our first group of participants starting training in mid-October.  Our second intake is currently in progress and extends to November 11, 2019.  

If you applied during our intial intake, your application will still be considered for our next round of interviews.

Interviews will be set up for November 18, 2019 with the selection process taking place during November 12-15 

Seats are limited.

*The Application process for the One Journey model has ended as of Nov 18th 2019 - Thank you to all for applying, and good luck to everyone who will be starting their training!*

If you are interested in learning about other options on how to advance your career in the PEI trucking industry please get in touch with us today via email: - HR Coordinator (PEITSC) - Exectutive Director (PEITSC)

Express your interest, and we will get back to you! 

Since 2017, the PEI Trucking Sector Council has been offering youth age 16 to 30 an exceptional opportunity to explore careers in the trucking industry!

Our Team Youth Trucking initiative allows youth to explore our industry for up to 14 weeks in the Spring/Summer months in paid work terms. Many not only find themselves summer employment, but also long-term careers! Shorter 10 week terms are available for high school students.

Lots of opportunities available: Driving; Repair; Safety; Parts; Marketing; Accounting; Recruitment; Dispatch; Employee Relations; and much more!

Check out below for more information!


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