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The PEI trucking industry is full of talented men and women working within a wealth of different career options! As an employee in the PEI trucking industry, you’ll find there are always opportunities for advancement. The key to this is gaining experience.

As you continue to build your experience, you may want to consider some of the potential career paths you could find yourself in. Below are common career paths for those working in careers On the road, In the Office or In the Shop.

We know by now you're all aware the PEI trucking industry is looking for talented people to join its industry.  However, what you may not know is, just like most industries, most of PEI's trucking industry job market is hidden.  Positions are being filled without ever being posted and many others are just waiting for the right person to walk through the door.  Take a look at some of the content below to help you on your search for that perfect role!
 Gone are the days where you just show up at an employer's door and get hired with a handshake.  In such a heavily regualted industry, our PEI trucking employers take great care in their hiring process.  They will be looking for key pieces of documentation; training or experience; and other skills that they deem valuable.  It will be up to you to ensure they are aware of all you have to offer.  Check out some of our content below to help you get hired!
Now that you know how you want to advance your career, its time to put a plan into place and make the training happen.  Check out some of our great content below that will help you find the best options for your advancement!
Though much of a Truck & Transport mechanic apprentice’s skillset is developed by way of the hands-on experience they gain while working under an employer in a shop environment, the road to Red Seal certification also includes four “in-school” training sessions. Also known as “Block Release,” the classroom training component of a T&T mechanic’s apprenticeship provides the formal means by which every T&T mechanic apprentice’s skill development is tested. While the four classroom sessions comprise only 10% to 20% of the four years it typically takes to complete T&T mechanic apprenticeship; Block Release training is an essential part of the process that facilitates the progression from first year apprentice to Red Seal T&T mechanic. For more detail on how a T&T mechanic apprenticeship’s Block Release training process works click on the pdf Block Release backgrounder below.
 Check out the content below to see where you can train to either join our industry or advance within it!

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