If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to keep our industry on the move, you’ve come to the right place. Come explore the industry; its workforce; the careers and the training options it has to offer.

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Already Licensed? The PEI trucking industry faces a shortage of many positions and one of the biggest challenges is having employers post their positions. We are working with our industry to connect the already hard working individuals that are eager to join the industry. If you meet the minimum requirements please send us your resume to: resumes@peitsc.ca to be added to our employer email list. 


Let’s take a look at what it takes to keep our industry moving!  Explore below to find out information on everything about the PEI’s trucking workforce.


What do we do?

The PEI Trucking Sector Council is an Industry driven, not-for-profit organization committed to addressing human resources issues and opportunities in the Trucking Industry on Prince Edward Island. The Council provides a vehicle for effective industry participation in identifying and addressing issues related to workforce attraction and retention, career awareness, skills upgrading and training.

Who are we?

The PEI Trucking Sector Council is made up of men and women from the PEI trucking industry.  All are nominated to join our board of directors and steer the organization to achieve its mandate and goals.

Check out the PDF below to see learn a bit more about what we do!

Here at the PEI Trucking Sector Council, we pride ourself on the labour market information we collect relating to the PEI trucking workforce.  We collect information on everything from what wages and benefits employers are providing their employees to more general demographical information such as what education levels our workforce has.  We continually update this data by surveying the industry as well as our new entrants joining the industry.  We use this data to identify any potential issues or opportunities that need to be addressed.

We then share this data with our industry and other stakeholders.  We even make general information available to anyone that can find it valuable.  Take a look below to see some of the data available to you.

Have you ever wondered who the men and women are that make up the PEI trucking workforce?  Here is your chance.  Check out our content below and explore some of the different ways we show off the people that keep our wheels turning.
If you are thinking about joining the rewarding world of trucking, you’ve come to the right place.  You’ll find a ton of content below addressing the many different career options available to you! Be sure to check them all out.

The Prince Edward Island Trucking industry has a lot of opportunities to offer people with drive; many more than you probably realize.
Take a look at some of the potential career options in the industry.  Use them as a guide to explore the many exciting careers our industry can offer you. Find your road to success! 
Want a bit more information on some of our key occupations within the PEI Trucking industry? Check out our Career Video Series on YouTube where we talk about the ins and outs of each occupation. 

Once you’ve narrowed down where you want to work in our dynamic industry, its time to put a plan in place to get your training.  Check out our information below and become better informed about your training options and how to prepare for training!

 Before you sign up for training, we want to make sure you're ready to go.  Unfortunately, many people rush into training before they do all their homework.  Let's take some time and make sure you are taking the right training for your new career!  Check out some of our content below to assist you.
Check out the content below to see where you can train to either join our industry or advance within it!
 So you've decided you want to join the exciting world of trucking.  That's great news! But now you need to find a way to pay for training.  Take a look below to see some of the potential options you may have when it comes to paying for your training.
Throughout the year, the PEI Trucking Sector Council provides many information sessions on careers in the trucking industry.  In fact, they provide free info sessions monthly for those interested in becoming a truck driver. 

If you'd like to sign up for one of our free Career Information Sessions, please give us a call or send us a message!

(902) 566-5563 or info@peitsc.ca
 Would you like to learn a new skillset and earn an income at the same time? The Truck & Transport mechanic apprenticeship pathway enables you to do just that, all while preparing you for an exciting career in PEI’s always bustling trucking industry! Spread over the course of four years, the T&T mechanic apprenticeship is a blended mix of on-the job training and a set-number of classroom-based learning blocks. While the apprenticeship model may not be the only way to earning a Red Seal as a T&T mechanic, it is by far the fastest route to achieving your certification and enjoying all the benefits that come with it. For more details on why you should do an apprenticeship and how you can do so, click on the pdf below: 


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