When do I need an assessment?

All potential Class 1A Truck Driver and Heavy Equipment Operator students that wish to receive Skills PEI funding for their training will have to ensure that they meet the minimum industry requirements. This will be measured through the PEITSC's Driver Assessments based on the following documentation:

  • Test on Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) Assessment
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Medical
  • Driving Abstract
If candidates are sucessful in reaching the minimum industry standard, they will be given a letter from the PEITSC stating they have met the minimum industry standard for employment in the industry. THis letter will become part of their return to work action plan and will be reviewed by SkillsPEI as part of their application for funding.

TOWES is an assessment that measures three important skills needed for work in Canada: reading text, document use, and numeracy. These skills are called literacy and essential skills.

Everyone has literacy and essential skills! You use these skills every day at school, in training, at work and in your daily life. Literacy and essential skills are different from the technical or occupation specific skills we use at work. They are the core set of skills used in every occupation.

TOWES assesses:

  • Reading Text: Finding and using written information such as notes, letters, bulletins, reports, emails, regulations, and labels. 
  • Document Use: Finding and using information in forms, tables, drawings, symbols, charts, schematics, icons, lists and signs. 
  • Numeracy: Finding and using numerical information like measuring, calculating, scheduling, budgeting, estimating and analyzing data.
TOWES is different from other assessments. When writing TOWES, you will assume the role of a worker who must solve problems and complete tasks. You will use a real Canadian workplace document to answer the question. The questions and the documents represent the types of tasks you would encounter on the job. For example, you may be asked to read an email to find the time for a meeting.

TOWES assesses how you apply your skills to solve problems or complete tasks. It is not an assessment you can pass or fail. Your results will tell you if you can apply your skills to complete basic, intermediate or advanced workplace tasks. 

In order to ensure you meet the minimum standard required of our new entry drivers, the PEITSC will conduct a complete assessment of your skills and several pieces of documentation that relate to you eligibility for employment within the industry.  Upon completion of this assessment, the PEITSC will either provide a letter of support for your funding application (Skills PEI Requirement) or provide you with detailed information on why they cannot support your pursuit of training in this industry.            

Documents Reviewed as part of Assessment

Potential Class 1A Truck Driver students

·    Original or certified copy driver’s abstract (must go back minimum of five 5 years), dated within thirty days.

·    Original or certified copy of Certificate of Criminal Record Check, dated within thirty days. If client has a criminal record, they will be requested to obtain full record with fingerprint search for review or a completed Self Declaration form.

·    Original copy of approved medical and vision test for  Class 1A, dated within six (6) months.  If Driver medical has already been submitted to Department of Transportation, Driver’s license number and address will be required for PEITSC to verify it is on file.

·   Completed Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) Assessment –administered by PEITSC

 Potential 1A students will also be required to attend an Industry Presentation (approximately 30 minutes in length) discussing issues like supply and demand, impact on family life, salary expectations, etc.

Potential Heavy Equipment Operator students

·    Original or certified copy driver’s abstract (must go back minimum of five years); dated within thirty days (this is to verify that the individual holds a valid class 5 license and will not be evaluated for insurance purposes).

·    Completed Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) Assessment – administered by PEITS 

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